SailorMoon: Silver



Merari Doran sat, still as stone, with this head in his hands. His anger raged inside of him, and it was all he could do to contain it. For too long, he had been shunned from what he rightfully deserved; slandered, banished, and tortured inside. He could no longer wait in the wings for what was rightfully his. His heart hardened; he had made his decision.

“Your majesty,” a voice accompanied an opening of a door. The King did not look up. “Your guest has arrived.” Merari arose expectant and his brow furrowed slightly at the appearance of his guest. He paused.

“Please, sit.” Merari gestured to the table in front of him. The figure held up a hand in refusal. Merari paused another moment, then sat slowly. A moment passed; he stared at the hunched hooded figure, saying nothing. Finally, it spoke.

“You commission me here for what purpose.” Merari sat erect.

“To give me aid in the destruction of my enemies.” The figure said nothing. “They… told me it was you upon whom I should request assistance. They say you have… ways of obtaining your goals.”

“I do.” Merari leaned forward.

“Tell me those ways.” The figure held up a finger.

“First, you must be willing.”

“I am! More than willing.”

“Willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the task you set out.”

“Yes, of course, anything.” The figure paused again, and then slowly began to walk forward towards the King. Merari leaned back slowly, fear creeping into his body. The figure stopped five feet from him. He spoke in a whisper.

“If you want my help, there will a price.” Merari hesitated; but he had come so far, searched for so long for this creature. There was no going back. He filled his chest with air.

“None is too high.” The figure laughed, low and soft.

“Good. Then all you must do is look upon my face.” Merari started.

“That’s all? I knew you were of strange powers but-”

“All you need do is look.” Merari mustered his strength and slowly stood.

“I am ready.” The figure slowly reached up to remove his head. Merari stared; expectantly, nervous, resolute. The figure’s hood slowly slid back.

And all Merari could see what darkness. All he could feel was pain. All he heard were cries of terror; he felt freezing cold and scalding heat. He felts as though as his limbs were being torn apart and his skin ripped from his body. And then all he saw were eyes… black eyes.

And he was consumed.